The Revolution Continues

The Revolution Continues

We were honored to be introduced to Roland Sands earlier this year to discuss an opportunity to work with his brand – Roland Sands Design. The project was building a custom electric motorbike for the Electric Revolution exhibit in April. We jumped at the chance to work with Roland & his team and provided them with a SUPER73-S1 model to use as a base for the project, "e-hooligan."

rolands sands design super73

For the past several weeks, the bike was transformed into a racing machine. Just imagine being able to take the Roland Sands x Super73 Racer e-hooligan out on a track in front of the public for some adrenaline-pumping action. Starting April 6th, we invite you to check out this work of art in person at the world-renowned Petersen Automotive Museum.

roland sands design super73

Electric Revolution is the world’s first exhibition featuring only electric motorcycles. The electric vehicle scene is exploding, with new startups popping up every week. E-Bikes are the hottest sector of new-tech transportation, as dozens of small, tech-oriented companies vie for the top spots in a wide-open field. Electric Revolution will explore the history and current state of the electric industry, seen through the handiwork of both visionary home-builders and established manufacturers, with ultra-stylish contemporary designs that point the way to the future.





  • Nathan Temple

    Wow, this is only a testament to the integrity of the Lithium Cycles Team.

  • Rick Alter

    Are you selling these??!!! If not, you should! Please add my name to the list if you decide to sell them. I WANT ONE.

    Thank you,

    I already ride a Super 73, but this would be next level. Make it happen guys.

  • Anil

    Wow!!! When do we get to buy one? :-)

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