Super 73 Bling!

Super 73 Bling!

These little brass custom chain tension pulleys are the latest upgrade to all Super 73 bikes going out. 

They have been precision CNC milled by SH Precision Air Craft Machining right here in Orange County, especially for our Super 73. Thanks Dominic for the hookup! Custom etched with the Super 73 logo, these are milled by the same machines that make components for fighter planes and Boeing jet planes. Like on a motorcycle, these pulleys add tension to the chain when you accelerate. We weren't satisfied with the quality of the cheap imported parts that are currently on the market, so made our own here in America. This gives our Super 73 a great reliability and better performance, not to mention some quality bling! 

The photo below shows the brass pulley (bottom left) on the Super 73 with double battery rack. 

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