SUPER73 x PeopleForBikes

SUPER73 x PeopleForBikes

Dear Super Squad,

Here at SUPER73, our mission has always been and will be, to build amazing products that help create adventure and community. Thanks to your help and enthusiastic support for our company over the past several years, our efforts to encourage electric exploration and our advocacy for safe and responsible riding have had a positive impact on the evolution of outdated e-bike laws and regulations. While we would like to believe that we have been making progress in this arena, the truth of the matter is that we are only at the beginning and there is much more work to be done.

PeopleForBikes is a non-profit organization and bicycle advocacy group uniting millions of individuals with thousands of businesses and communities to make bike riding safer, more convenient, and better for everyone. As one of the leading voices for the bicycle industry, their efforts at the federal, state, and local levels have helped to push for bicycle and e-bike legislation reform, leverage private and public funding for bicycle infrastructure projects, and serve as a valuable resource for the bicycle and e-bike community.

In early April, the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Reclamation proposed new regulations ("rulemaking") regarding e-bike use on federal lands. If adopted, these proposed regulations would mean:

  • E-bikes would no longer be defined as motor vehicles or off-road vehicles, but have a standalone, sensible, and modern definition. 
  • The three classes of e-bikes would be properly defined. 
  • E-bike riders would have similar rights, privileges, and duties as traditional bike riders.  
  • Agency officials would be authorized to allow e-bikes on roads, paths, and trails where they are currently prohibited.
  • Local land managers would maintain significant control, in partnership with the public, to make access decisions.  

This is a landmark moment to update federal laws to recognize current e-bike technology and increase recreation and transportation opportunities for e-bike riders.  SUPER73 supports this initiative and encourages the Super Squad community to voice their opinions about the potential benefits that these regulatory improvements would yield. This would not only provide a safer and more enjoyable experience on government-owned land but could also have a positive economic effect on State and National Parks Services. Riding e-bikes reduces fossil fuel consumption minimizing the environmental impact caused by internal combustion engine vehicles. Ultimately, we strongly believe this helps move our society forward in the shift towards greater sustainable transportation.

How to Take Action

The easiest way to participate is to submit a message during the open comment period. All of the details and steps can be found at the PeopleForBikes website listed below. PeopleForBikes has made the process very easy with pre-drafted messages or you can also leave your own comments before the early June deadline:

Sign a Petition

Thank you again for your continued support. Together, we believe that we can help to make a positive difference as we continue to create more opportunities for e-bike enthusiasts all over the country and the world.

National Park Service

Bureau of Land Management

Fish and Wildlife Service

Bureau of Reclamation

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