One of the most beautiful bikes of 2016, says the BBC

One of the most beautiful bikes of 2016, says the BBC


A big thank you to Matthew Phenix for writing this post and to the BBC Autos team for selecting the Super 73 as one of the top 10 beautiful bikes of 2016. 

"From a specifications standpoint, there isn’t much about the Super 73, from California-based cycle-maker Lithium, that braves new territory among electric bicycles. It features a stout 1,000-watt electric motor that’s good for a 27mph top speed and a removable lithium-ion battery pack that keeps things rolling for 20 miles on a charge — more if you help out with the pedals. But it’s the 73’s neo-minibike form that, for a child of the 1970s whose fondest desire in all the world was to own a Honda Z50 Mini Trail, elevates this new e-bike to bona fide object-of-lust status. With fat tyres and a chunky saddle, Lithium’s debut effort is simultaneously pugnacious and whimsical — exactly the virtues that made Honda’s minibike an icon. There’s even a bottle opener and a cup holder where a petrol-powered motorbike would keep its fuel tank. This Kickstarter success arrives in October."  

- Matthew Phenix

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