#NASCARgoeswest and so does the Super 73

#NASCARgoeswest and so does the Super 73

Since racing at K1 Speed's tracks in Irvine, we've been working with them on a variety of partnerships at events - and the latest and greatest one was the Nascar event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana March 20th. 

The bright lime green Super 73 couldn't have been a better fit for the event, as our friend and K1 Speed Marketing Manager Andrew Palos used it to get where he needed to go around the race and pits. What a busy man! You were lucky if you spotted him at one of the booths during his meetings. 

His feedback:

"Thanks again for the loaner bikes. Everyone was blown away by them. I did snag some photos on Friday when it was less crazy & also rode the green machine around the infield / fan zone. (...) All in all it was very well received by the crowds. 

Ask us about getting your very own Lime Green Super 73 machine today. 




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