Lagunitas Brewing Company x Lithium Cycles

Lagunitas Brewing Company x Lithium Cycles

Lagunitas x Lithium Cycles Beer Circus starts next week in Chicago!

Who would have thought our favorite California based brewing company Lagunitas, would have noticed our Super 73 and partner up with us? Well that's exactly what happened!

The Super 73 is currently in the Lagunitas Beer Circus Truck making its way to Chicago (09/10), Brooklyn (10/01), Petaluma (10/15), and Azusa (10/22) with "an army of fun lovin', beer drinkin', rock n roll party throwin' solar powered clowns". Going over the top as we usually do, we even made a custom keg trailer to help them transport their beer!

The whole Lithium Cycles team will be at the Azusa Beer Circus, so get your tickets now. Come test ride the one-of-a-kind keg-haulin' Lagunitas Super 73! At least one of us will be at each Lagunitas Beer Circus event, so get in touch with us now.


Check out the event list here. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook for updates.

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