E-Bike Laws for Responsible Riding

E-Bike Laws for Responsible Riding

Dear Super Squad,

We want to share with you our deepest gratitude for continuously supporting Super73, even more so during a global pandemic. Our team is working around the clock to continue building innovative vehicles and provide you with excellent service. After a highly-anticipated waiting period, we are beyond excited to finally see some of our newest bike models out in the wild! 

With that being said, we always want to ensure safe and responsible riding for our community, which includes educating our Super Squad about electric bicycle (e-bike) laws relating to our new bike models. 

E-bike laws are different in every state within the United States.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your e-bike regulations within your riding parameters. PeopleForBikes is a great non-profit organization and bicycle advocacy group that provides state by state guides and resources to understand your state’s laws for the road and trails. When in doubt, check with your city or county for local rules and regulations.

Each R-Series and S2 bike is programmed with a Class-2 riding mode, which allows for throttle operation and pedal-assist riding up to 20mph. This enables the owners to legally ride on most bike paths without a license, insurance, or registration. 

Additionally, there are three more riding modes available. For areas where throttle-powered electric bicycles are not allowed, the R-Series and S2 can be operated using pedal assist with the throttle deactivated in Class-1 and Class-3 modes (Class-1 up to 20mph and Class-3 up to 28mph). There is also an “Unlimited” mode, enabling up to 2000 watts of power to be accessed by the throttle, enabling the R-Series and S2 to reach speeds in excess of 28mph. This mode is intended exclusively for riding off public roads and on private property.

Super73 encourages the Super Squad to be familiar and understand local and state e-bike laws for overall rider safety.  If you are interested in how you can make a difference for e-bikes in State and National Park Services, check out our movement with PeopleForBikes.  Ultimately, we strongly believe this helps move our society forward in the shift towards greater sustainable transportation.

For more information on e-bike regulations, visit www.peopleforbikes.org. See you out on the road with us!

Team Super73

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